We bring the voice of real parents to the forefront of product selection for the baby, child and family industry.


Welcome to The Parent Panel! We enable health professionals and parents to collaborate to test and review a wide variety of products and services suitable for pregnancy all the way through to your child’s teenage years. We then share our feedback and support with other parents through our website, social media channels, weekly newsletters and our parent panel publications.

The Parent Panel is comprised of parents, like you, looking to find the best products for their family, to ensure it meets their needs and is money well spent. Our parent membership is then supported by our Expert Panel, these are health professionals with many years of experience working alongside and supporting families and children. From midwives to health visitors the Parent Panel is fortunate to have such a diverse health professional base that is here to help and advise our members on everything from the best baby bottle, to the safest car seat.

The Parent Panel also shares the real life feedback of genuine parents – that’s why we would want you to join our Parent Panel family if you haven’t already! We send out thousands of pounds of new products to members every month in return for their honest opinion and feedback. We then combine your feedback with the views from our Expert Panel to bring together a thorough, honest and considered review for parents to enjoy and benefit from. We also forward your feedback onto the fabulous brands we work with to enable them to develop and improve their products to ensure they are continually meeting your needs.

We are the only parent & child industry product review programme to offer a genuine Seal of Approval that has been granted from the high praise of both real parents and health professionals.


Choice. Todays’ parents are faced with a bewildering array of products, services and literature that all claim to be the right choice. With some of these choices likely to cost many hundreds of pounds, some even thousands, knowing what is right for you and your family is very important.

This is why the Parent Panel was launched – to offer expert, impartial advice to all parents looking for the best solutions to their particular family needs. Whether you’re looking for feeding bottles, pushchairs, car seats, or even nappies, each child, each parent and every situation is different and we want to help you make the right, informed choice wherever possible. This helps you save time, money and hopefully makes the parenting journey that little less stressful!

Our membership of parents and families is constantly growing and we are always looking to improve our already impressive network of respected and recognised health professionals and experts. Joining the Parent Panel not only makes you a part of this important network, but also gives you the opportunity to participate in our exclusive competitions, receive a wide range of discounts from leading brands, access to our publications, invites to our social media clinics, and of course the opportunity to be chosen to be one of our parent product testers!

Join our Parent Panel family today and let other parents know which products really are worth buying!