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Kicks Count is a charity set up to teach expectant Mums the importance of monitoring their baby’s movements and taking responsibility for their health and that of their baby’s by working with their healthcare providers throughout their pregnancy.

Kicks Count aim is to lower the UK’s stillbirth and neonatal death rate by raising awareness of baby’s movements in pregnancy. A baby’s movements indicate its wellbeing and a reduction in fetal movement can be a key warning sign that the baby is in distress. By recognising a change in movement and reporting it to their healthcare professional Mums can help ensure the healthy delivery of their baby. The majority of mums that have suffered a stillbirth report retrospectively that they did notice a change in movement. The Kicks Count campaign aims to empower mums to be with the confidence to understand their baby’s movements and to contact their midwife immediately if they notice a change in their baby’s regular pattern of movement.

Kicks Count produce leaflets with important information about baby’s movements, antenatal note stickers and kick counting wristbands to help mums keep track of baby’s movements and encourages them to contact their midwife or antenatal ward if they notice any change in their baby’s regular pattern of movement.  They exhibit at all the major baby shows to get the message out to mums about the importance of baby’s movements.

For more information and to support Kicks Count visit http://www.kickscount.org.uk


MadeForMums is run by a small group of (mostly mum) journalists, who want to create a top-notch online home for mums, mums-to-be and anyone who is trying to start a family – as well as dads (look past our name!), grandparents and carers.

They reckon their site’s got the best, and most honest, advice – from experts and from mums who’ve been there – on pregnancy, birth, babies, toddlers, and school age children.

Plus, there’s news, celebrity-parent goss, comps and chat. Everything, in fact, to make your parenting life easier and more fun, visit www.madeformums.com

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Ask the Midwife is the UK’s first ever health advice app that has been designed and run by Registered Midwives. For the first time ever you can get a fast response to any questions you have via the App Store. No more worrying about things you don’t understand, feeling like you don’t want to bother your midwife with lots of questions, or using Google as a source of information – all you have to do is Ask the Midwife!

Anyone can use the service, whether you are an expectant mum, dad, grandparent or family friend, Ask the Midwife want to help you feel reassured and relaxed for the duration of the pregnancy and with your brand new baby. They are there for you 7 days a week to give you piece of mind on the most amazing journey you will ever make. So don’t delay visit www.askthemidwife.co.uk today!


Maternity Buyer’s aim is to bring together maternity brands and retail maternity buyers. They hope it gives a fresh look at the industry by providing useful information for buyers, boutique owners and brands wanting to reach out to their target audience. The editorial is entirely their own opinion.

They offer flexible advertising and sponsorship packages to help grow businesses and ensure they can continue delivering essential information for the maternity industry. For more information visit www.maternitybuyer.com